AC Size Guide - What size aircon do I require for my home.

How to choose

One of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to installing an air con is “what brand and what size is ideal for me and my home”. We decided to sit down and put together a guide to help you get a better understanding on how we determine what you need. 

Finding the right air conditioner depends on numerous factors including room size, ceiling height, insulation, size of windows, level of sunlight and more. Below is an approximation of required cooling and heating capacities for different room sizes.


The team take all these factors into consideration. A general rule of thumb through out your home is

small rooms 20m2 or smaller, we recommend 2kW – 3.5kW,

Medium sized rooms between 20m2 – 40m2 you will be looking around 4kW – 6kW

Larger rooms 40m2 or more 7kW and up will be what you’re looking for.


When it comes to making the decision to choose a bigger or smaller kW for the room we often encourage our clients to choose the most appropriately sized unit for the space, there are a couple of reasons for this; yes installing a bigger air-con means more upfront cost initially when purchasing the unit but it also means less energy consumption when it comes to your electricity bill and ultimately a longer lasting unit. The reason for this being that the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the designated area, it will cool it quicker, and this in turn means a healthier unit.


 “It’s important to get the right size; too large the unit will shut off early and will not have enough time to dehumidify and remove the moisture necessary, too small and your air-conditioner will continually run never cooling or dehumidify properly and cost you more in energy”


When it comes to brands there are so many on the market these days that it’s a little overwhelming. How do I decide? The first thing to look at is warranty. It doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest name on the market or a name you have never heard of. If they offer a great warranty period it’s a good indicator that the company backs its products. We recommend a 5yr warranty. Second is looks, are you after a stylish unit to fit into a decorated home or are you after a good price that won’t break the bank. No matter what the answer is there are many units to choose from and a wide range of price brackets that we can help assist you with.