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We are constantly getting asked by people everywhere if solar is still a good idea. We believe it is still a viable energy source. Solar is still increasingly popular especially with talks of battery back up systems. Whilst batteries in Australia are still expensive they are still available for your system.

When providing you with a quote we recommend you get a hybrid (battery compatible) inverter. This will allow you to attach batteries to your solar system when they become more affordable in the Australian market and to your wallet.

When sizing up a system for your home we usually take into account a number of factors.

  1. Your budget
  2. Positioning and roof space availability
  3. Energy usage bills
  4. Home usage


In the past, we have provided and priced up solar for many different companies and business’. Solar isn’t just for your home. Having it on your factory roof or your shop can also be an added advantage. Most companies and business operations during the day and all their energy consumption, Having a solar system on the roof can minimise your business expenses. If you own or manage a small business investing in a solar energy system can not only be beneficial to reduced energy costs but the initial investment can potentially be claimed as a depreciation asset under the ATO’s 2015 Federal Budget tax concessions for small businesses.

This applies to small businesses with income of less than $10 million. (Offers may expirer)

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