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Are you expanding your home or business? Are you adding new appliances or devices to your circuits? Even if you’re not, an electric switchboard upgrade may be necessary if your current one is becoming too old. Old switchboards may start to become faulty so replace them with newer, higher quality switchboards that are built with tougher, longer-lasting materials.

Additionally, you may require an electric switchboard upgrade if you’re adding additional more devices or appliances to your home. If the power drawn from a switchboard is greater than the supply, then the circuit will trip to prevent an overload which could otherwise lead to an electrical fire. A switchboard upgrade will allow you to run more appliances/devices in your home or business by giving you a new circuit.

When expanding your home or business, you should add another switchboard to control the circuit in the new space. This will reduce the incidences of overloads and allow you to have greater control over your circuits. Remember that constant tripping of a circuit might be from a faulty appliance not just an overload. Please see The Importance of your Switchboard section below to continue reading important information.

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What is an electric switchboard?

An electric switchboard is a device that directs electricity from one or more sources of supply to multiple circuits for usage in a home, business or other facility. An electric switchboard is made up of one or more panels, each of which contains a number of different switches that allow electricity to be redirected to different areas.

Electric switch boards get a large amount of power from one or more sources and distribute smaller amounts to be used on different circuits. As a result, electric switchboards have controls which monitor the power distribution process including load sharing controls and gauges mounted onto the panel to control power supply. This limits the amount of power so that it isn’t oversupplied on a particular circuit.

Switchboards also contain a Residual Current Devices (RCDs) otherwise known as safety switches. There should be a safety switch for each circuit connected to the switchboard. Additionally, switchboards contain circuit breakers designed to prevent overloads which can lead to electrical fires.

The Importance of your Switchboard

Electric switchboards give you greater control over your circuits and significantly improve safety. It is always critical to regularly check your switchboards. It is recommended to check your safety switches are working once every three months by performing a test. Push the test button labelled with a “T”. If the circuit is tripped, then you are protected from potentially life threatening electric shocks. If the circuit is not tripped, contact a licenced electrician immediately! They will need to check it out to protect your family, friends, colleagues or clients from potential electrical hazards.

Please remember, if you’re not sure, always contact a licenced electrician. It might save a life.

If constant circuit tripping occurs, everything connected to that circuit will power down. To see if it is just an overload, unplug the last appliance/device that was connected on that circuit. Once unplugged, proceed to reset the safety switch and repower the circuit. If the power continues to flow without interruption, then you’ve resolved the problem.

However, if the circuit continues to trip, you may have a faulty appliance connected to the circuit. Disconnect all appliances/devices on that circuit and test one at a time. If you’re finding that one appliance is causing your safety switch to trip, it may be faulty. Avoid touching potentially faulty appliances/devices as it may need to be replaced for your safety, or checked by a competent person including a manufacturer’s agent or an electrician.

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