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When people speak of size in reference to air conditioning units, they are not necessarily referring to the actual physical dimensions of the appliance or unit itself. Instead, people generally mean the unit’s power capacity. The power capacity of an Air Conditioning system is measured in Watts or Kilowatts(kW).

Regardless of the type of Air Conditioning Unit you are going for, you will always get the best energy efficiency if you get the power capacity right based on the size of the area the unit is meant to cool down. Consequently, you will enjoy lower operating costs and smaller energy bills.

We have developed the calculator below to help you calculate the correct power capacity for your next Air Conditioning Unit for your Brisbane home or business, based on the size of your rooms. We have also taken into account Brisbane’s specific weather conditions and temperatures.

How the calculator works

  1. Enter your room’s dimensions into the designated length and width fields. These must be in meters.
  2. Click ‘REFRESH CALCULATION‘ to update the calculation and see your results.
  3. You can also send yourself a copy of the results by entering your email address and clicking on the ‘Send Copy’ button.

Here is how to measure the lenght and the width of your room, and how the area (square meters / m²) is calculated:

Once you have the length and width in metres, multiply them to get the room size in metres squared (m²).

L x W = Area (in m²)

Multiply the area by 140 to determine the air conditioning system capacity in watts.

Area x 140 = Capacity in Watts

Divide the capacity in Watts by 1000 to determine the capacity in kilowatts.

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About the Air Conditioning Power Capacity Calculation

To calculate the size, we simply multiply the length times the width of your room or area to be cooled. Then we multiply that total times 140 to come up with the number of Watts required per square meter. This method will allows for perfect cooling temperatures without overworking (or underworking) your unit, whether it is a rainy, moist day or a hot, sunny, humid day in Brisbane. Now let’s say your room is 2 meters wide by 3 meters long. That means 2 x 3 = 6 square meters (m²). Take the 6m² times 140 per square meter and you get the minimum capacity in Watts you need for your next Air Conditioning Unit . That means 6 x 140 = 840 Watts cooling capacity is needed.

Can I get a bigger or smaller unit than my minimum recommended Air Conditioning Unit capacity?

Now you may be asking yourself: will a smaller air conditioning unti still work or should I get a bigger one just in case? Here are our thoughts on these questions. A Smaller units (Smaller than your recommendeds Watts capacity) will be continually running trying to keep up with the raising temperatures in the room. This will ultimately increase your energy usage and will result in a larger electricity bill. Not only that, a smaller unit might not even be able to cool down the area effectively.

Bigger is not necessarily better

An air conditioning unit too large for the are it is meant to cool down can also be a problem. This is because an air conditioning unit too large might cool down the room faster, but that may impede the reason for running the air conditioner in the first place. You see, along with cooling the air, the air conditioning unit is also extracting moisture from the air (humidity) which is what makes us feel hot and sticky. Although the air may be cooler, if the unit doesn’t run long enough, the moisture cannot be extracted from the air properly. It would be like being outside camping on a cool, clammy, foggy night. Also, an air conditioning that is too large will cycle on and off frequently.
In conclusion, please do yourself a favour and take the time to measure the area of your home to be cooled down, then use our free tool above to calculate your minimum Watts capacity before making a purchase. If you require further assistance or would like one of our expert team members to take care of this process for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.