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All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. Even if your switchboard and wiring are protected by covers and inside, there are a number of factors that can cause your electrical systems to deteriorate. Weather, pests and corrosion are all too present in a subtropical climate and that’s why it’s important to regularly test and maintain your electrical systems.

You can easily test your electrical switchboard to see if your safety switches are working. It is recommended that you check them every 3 months (when you receive your quarterly power bill). If unsure, always contact an electrician. If the test is unsuccessful as a result of the circuit not tripping, contact an electrician straight away.

The safety switch significantly reduces the risk of an electric shock by switching the power off within 0.03 seconds of a change in current. A change in current is caused when someone or something is exposed to the electrical current. If the switch doesn’t trip, something as simple as a faulty appliance or device can significantly increase your risk of experiencing a potentially deadly electric shock. Protect your family, friends, colleagues and customers by ensuring you have your entire electrical system inspected.

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Why do I need an Electrician?

An electrician will look beyond the basic safety switch test to ensure that your switchboard is still functioning correctly. Any faults that do arise can be isolated and resolved to ensure your home and business are safe environments. It’s not only electric shocks that are hazards but electrical fires can easily arise should your circuit breaker become faulty. A qualified electrician will also test wiring and the hard wiring of fixed electrical equipment.

Don’t risk your home, business or family’s safety. Contact the experts at CK ESA to perform a quick and thorough inspection to give you peace of mind.

Whilst a home’s electrical system should be regularly tested every 5 years, swimming pools and businesses with more complex electrical and data systems should be inspected yearly. Inspections and testing should also be carried out before a property is listed for lease or sale and after you buy a property.

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