Simple Steps to Solar - Solar Discover the step by clicking here.

Simple Steps to Solar

Simple Steps to solar

Everyone is talking about solar, either they have solar, looking to  buy solar or even just thinking about saving money on that nasty electricity bill.Everything you need to know about solar can be found here on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) website.
Clean Engergy Council

Solar Installation

Simple step by step guide

This is a simple step by step guide to looking at solar through the installation period and after your system has been installed
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Simple Steps​


  1. Research
  2. Contact Solar Retailer/Specialist (CEC Approved)


  1. Measure Roof space and angles
  2. Inspect daily usage
  3. Approve system components
  4. Apply for system
  5. Sign contract
  6. Order system components
  7. Install solar system
  8. Send off completion forms
  9. Provide forms and warranty papers