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CK ESA (Electrical, Solar and Air Conditioning) is a reputable Air Conditioning Services company delivering affordable and expert workmanship to Doolandella. Our highly experienced team has been operating in Brisbane since 2006 and since then we have gained some valuable experience. Additionally, our team members are our strongest asset, bringing an incredible amount of expertise, knowledge and value to the business. Many of our staff members are also locals of the Doolandella community.

There are a few things that separate CK ESA from other Air Conditioning Installation and Repair services near Doolandella. First of all, we only choose to employ the best industry-recognised professionals as part of our installation and repair team.

Furthermore, we don’t only look for technical skills and years of expertise. In order for new recruits to make the cut, they must be truly passionate about what they do. This means that our team members will always turn up with the right attitude day after day. After all, we guarantee that our customers will be dealing with friendly and approachable staff to ensure the success of every air conditioning project.

CK ESA is an industry leader providing a variety of Air Conditioning Services. Some of these services include: installation, repairs, rental maintenance and deep cleaning. No matter what your air conditioning project may be, CK ESA is happy to help Doolandella locals as no project is too big or too small.

We’re proud to say that our attention to detail has allowed our trusted team to be regarded by local customers as the best Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs Doolandella service. So get in touch with our friendly Doolandella Customer Service team to find out how we can help you today!

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At CK ESA, we’re always looking for ways to improve our incredible service! To achieve this, we ensure that all of our projects are delivered with outstanding workmanship and incredible value. That is why we always ensure open, honest communication and service tailored to your needs.

If you’ve searched for the “best Air Conditioning Installation and Repair service Doolandella”, then you’ve come to the right place! Over the years, our expertise has provided us with a broad range of work in various industries, applications and settings. What does this mean? We’ve completed just about every project for any situation and we’re better equipped to anticipate all necessary job requirements.
Consequently, our expertise helps you save time and money. So for your next Air conditioning project in Doolandella, you can always trust CK ESA for the best possible result.

Below are some examples of our recognised Air conditioning Services we are famous for providing in Doolandella:

Choosing the Right Size Air Conditioner

CK ESA has a convenient online tool that allows you to easily find out how big your air conditioning system should be.

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Learn about different types of Air Conditioning systems to help you make a more informed decision for your home or business.

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Air Conditioner Rental Maintenance

CK ESA is proud to offer rental maintenance services to ensure you air conditioning systems are running efficiently and last longer.

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Air Conditioner Installation

CK ESA is proud to offer incredible air conditioning installation services to all homes and businesses in the Doolandella community.

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Air Conditioner & System Repairs

CK ESA has a professional Air Conditioning repair team that can tackle any problem your system may have.

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Air Conditioner Deep Clean

Improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system whilst also improving the air quality in your home or business with a deep clean.

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1028 Air Conditioners

Installed or serviced to date in Doolandella

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Looking for reliable Air Conditioning Doolandella services? Look no further, we are here to help you.

If you need the best Doolandella Air Conditioning Installation and Repair services, then look no further than CK ESA. As a premium supplier of Air conditioning services, we’ve successfully delivered our services to hundreds of customers in Doolandella and surrounding suburbs.

Additionally, as a local business, we are not only familiar with the Doolandella area and its demographics. In fact, some of our team members also live locally! Why not work with the locals that are proud to serve the Doolandella community.

Experience really is the best teacher. Over the years, we’ve managed to work with hundreds of amazing people just like you in Doolandella. And that’s why we’re Doolandella’s number one Air Conditioning Installation and Repair service. Click here to get in touch with us today!

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So, what makes us “the best Air Conditioning Doolandella service?”

With a few different Doolandella Air Conditioning Installation and Repair service suppliers to choose from, it can be quite a difficult choice. Who will be able to offer the results you want and who can you trust? Not only do you want the best value, but you also need the project done properly so that it doesn’t need to be revisited again.
So then, the question is: “What actually makes the best Air Conditioning Installation and Repair service in Doolandella the best?”

What to look for when choosing an Air Conditioning Services supplier in Doolandella, Brisbane

First of all, CK ESA is a business striving to offer the best Air conditioning services with outstanding workmanship, incredible value and fantastic customer service. The “best Air Conditioning Installation and Repair service” team should do the job once and do it right.
Additionally, any Air Conditioning service supplier should be able to communicate effectively to explain what work is being done. Only then will you be able to understand the value being delivered and have the project priced fairly.

Furthermore if you’re hiring an Air Conditioning specialist representing the Doolandella community, there is always the expectation of trust, expertise and outstanding workmanship. CK ESA’s track record is a living testament to their service quality, reliability and value. Partner up with a like-minded local business that values your interests as much as you do.

Finally, the Air Conditioner Installation and Repair service you choose must have incredible customer service. Not only do you want effective communication and the highest outstanding workmanship with your project. In fact, customer service is about responding to your needs and your situation to ensure that the project delivered is nothing short of perfect.

In conclusion, our local Doolandella Air Conditioning Installation and Repair specialists ensure that all projects are completed to the highest standard. This entails that there is obvious expertise and efficiency in delivery, outstanding workmanship, effective communication, fair pricing and ultimately, a solution specific to your needs. Because our reputation is everything,we always make sure that our customers are completely satisfied and have total peace of mind.

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To always offer outstanding workmanship and incredible customer service to be the best Air Conditioning Installation and Repair supplier in Doolandella.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions our Doolandella customers ask about our Air Conditioning Services.

The cost of an installation depends on a number of factors including:

  • the size of the unit(s) being installed
  • the type of system being installed
  • the length of piping (or ducting) to connect the indoor unit(s) to the outdoor unit(s)
  • the time it takes to install the system which can be affected by any building restrictions

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The size of you air conditioning system is reliant on the size of your room and the rooms insulation. For a general guide, you can multiply the square metre size of your room by 140 to determine how many watts are required. For example, if your room is 3m x 3m that equals 9 square metres. Multiply 9 x 140 = 1260 Watts or a 1.26KW system.

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A split system air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser. The indoor unit contains the evaporator that causes the refrigerant liquid to rapidly expand into a gas. As it rapidly expands into a gas, the temperature decreases significantly. This is used to cool the air inside the room.

To learn more about the different types of Air Conditioners, click here to help you make a more informed decision.

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