Amazing Solar Battery Benefits


Solar Battery storage allows electricity that is generated throughout the day by your solar panels to be stored and used  when the sun has stopped shining.

Installing a Solar Battery storage system can provide a number of benefits when used in conjunction with your current solar system

  •  Provide electricity during power outages
  • Offset the increased cost of power used during peak times, such as early mornings and late evenings
  • Maximise the energy used from the solar panels by allowing it to be stored rather than sent back to the grid
Solar Battery



Solar battery product warranties vary widely and are generally range anywhere between 2 years to 10 years. A battery storage system will often last longer than it’s warranty with regular servicing and maintenance. The ability to store energy will gradually reduce over time with use like every other battery.

Q & A

What does battery capacity mean?

Typically, battery capacity is expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh), similar to the way electricity is charged. Some battery manufacturers express their capacity in ampere hours (Ah)

It defined as a product of the current that is drawn from the battery while the battery is able to supply the load until its voltage is dropped to lower than a certain value for each cell.

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How big are Solar Battery storage systems?

There are a wide range or solar battery storage systems available on the market today. They come in a range of sizes based on the technology they use and the amount of energy your are trying to store.

On average home solar battery storage systems sizes range between a filing cabinet and a fridge. Lead-acid batteries tend to be physically larger than lithium batteries.

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Will the Solar Battery work in a power outage?

Not all solar battery storage systems provide backup power during an outage. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems are typically more complex to install and larger than a standard battery supply system. UPS systems being more complex usually means additional costs are involved. During a blackout there may be a limit to the number of appliances that can be operated during this time.

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What happens if you move home?

It is possible to re-locate your solar battery system as well as your solar panels. New applications need to be applied for the new property. If the solar standards change it may no longer meet the new standards and it won’t be able to be re-installed so please consult with your installer before doing so.

If the system is moved, it has to be carefully reinstalled by an accredited installer that is licensed to install solar panels and solar battery systems as they are two separate licenses.

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